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Why Do I Need a Tool Like Tilig?

In an online world, passwords serve an ever more important role of protecting our accounts, information, subscriptions, and so much more! But how do you secure your passwords, or even remember them all?

This is where Tilig comes in.

Passwords are required just about everywhere as we navigate the web. Unfortunately, it’s considered irresponsible to use the same password for each account. If one of your accounts is compromised, then ALL of your accounts are compromised. After some time, it can get extremely difficult to recall all of this account information. Especially when accounts require a longer password or a unique combination of letters, numbers, and special characters!

Tilig makes this easy by automatically generating unique, safe passwords for each of your accounts and then remembers and automatically fills in all of these passwords for you on all of your devices, for free, and forever.

Why is Tilig Secure?

Our philosophy is to be simple, secure and free. With that in mind, we're confident in our security methods without the need for a master password. Tilig does the work for you and stores log-in information using an easy-to-install browser extension or mobile application. Unlike other password management companies, we don't burden you to remember a master password or print out and store account recovery documents. In fact, we keep things so simple that all you need to do is log in with an existing Apple or Google account.

How do we stay secure using this method you might ask? We use cloud tools such as Amazon Web Services, Firebase, and Google/Apple authentication protocols to create a unique public-private key pair for each user. These are used to encrypt your passwords locally on your device before they are sent to our database for safekeeping. Then, we store your keys in a completely separate system, and those keys can only ever be accessed by you. By keeping private keys and encrypted passwords on completely separate systems, which never communicate with each other, we make it practically impossible for a hacker to decipher without direct access to your device and Google/Apple account.

Feel free to take a deeper look at our security architecture here:

As you can see, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to keeping your digital life secure with Tilig.

Why Tilig over tools like LastPass?

If you’ve been looking around for a password manager, or just an easier way to secure your digital life, you might have come across other tools such as LastPass. Although we have similar interests in keeping your security as a number one priority, we go about it in different ways.

LastPass uses a master password to encrypt your passwords and they keep a password hint on their servers just in case you forget it. We’ve found that integrating and encrypting your secure data with a master password introduces certain complications, especially for you.

They assume you always have access to a device on which you installed LastPass. This means that recovery is impossible if you’ve lost access to all of your devices. On top of that, LastPass stores your master password on each device to ensure it can be recovered if you ever forget it, which isn’t very safe. Since we use your Google or Apple account as a basis for logging in, there is no master password, making Tilig easier for you to use and safer, since we don’t even have a master password to store.

Understanding that Google and Apple both have great risk-based security and password reset features, Tilig can confidently add another layer of protection while maintaining access for users in most worst-case scenarios. Neither Google nor Apple have ever successfully been hacked, making them extremely robust and safe choices for Tilig’s login system.

Master Passwords can be forgotten over time, and password hints decrease the level of your account security overall - especially if the hint can lead others to some clever guesswork! Needless to say, recovery options with LastPass can be quite complicated and they require an extensive setup process to access all of them, such as biometrics on iOS and Android, emailing password hints, and SMS recovery for the browser extension, etc.

Your Google or Apple accounts already offer these security steps in a far more robust and user-friendly form, and we feel it’s redundant to complete this process more than once. Tilig brings this high level of security to all of your devices and browsers regardless of operating system or device type so you can enjoy seamless and simple account management. All of this is available to you without being tied to a specific line of products.

Finally, there’s the cost. With LastPass, accessing your “password vault” across all of your devices requires a hefty monthly fee as the feature is only included with their “Premium” or “Families” plan. Even sharing passwords between trusted users is only included in the paid tiers. This is yet another seamless feature that we offer for free. The Tilig team strongly believes that account management tools should be private, maintain your digital life and keep subscriptions as simple as possible. Above all else, it should be free. Tilig will never cost you anything, whether it's your money or your privacy.

Try it!

Simple. Secure. Free.
These have been founding principles throughout the creation of Tilig. As such, we are confident in knowing that we are the most user-friendly password manager ever created - and the best password manager is the one you use. Not only is it easy to use, but our multi-step security keeps your information safe and private without costing you a dime. Start using Tilig today and enjoy safe and seamless password management across all of your devices for free.

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