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We know that creating a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on to automatically fill in fields on websites is never going to be 100% perfect. It's the developer versus the whole internet, and the internet always wins. That's why existing password managers can't always fill in every site, and their code has to be filled with tons special cases to make some special sites work. Everyone writes HTML and JavaScript a little differently.

We have a solution. We want everyone to have the most hassle free password experience on the web. You, as a technically minded person can help us out, in return for the sweetest swag you've ever seen.

Our Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-On will look for username/email/password fields on the page and see if they can autofill.

We can make the experience better with Tilig's site files:


  "register": {
    "urlRegExp": "https://(?:www.)?*",
    "container": ".ReactModalPortal",
    "username": "#signup-username",
    "email": "#email-input",
    "password": "#password-input"
  "login": {
    "urlRegExp": "https://(?:www.)?*",
    "container": ".ReactModalPortal",
    "username": "#login-username",
    "password": "#password-input"

Now when you visit Tilig will first check for a site file to speed up the process of finding your username and password fields on the page. If it doesn't find a site file it will go the oldschool route. If the site file doesn't exist it goes through the other process of trying to find the right fields to fill.

The benefit is that if you have a site you want to help us fix, submit a PR to our GitHub Repo and we'll check it out.

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