Tilig - About

We are answering the following questions:

What if password managers were really easy to use and worked everywhere?


How can we get everyone to use a password manager?

Using password managers is really important, like flossing. We know we should, but most people don't.

Our password manager had to be absolutely, unbelievably easy and it must do all the hard work for you. It must take < 5 seconds to set up. It has to be practically invisible and secure. It should do everything for you. So that's exactly what we did.

Convinced? Try Tilig!


  1. Is free
  2. Has no master password to remember, instead you sign in with your Google or Apple account.
  3. Getting started takes < 5 seconds. Don't believe me? Try it.
  4. Your passwords are available anywhere that has an internet connection.
  5. Also works on desktop, mobile, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and a web app.
  6. Tilig works without ever opening an app.
  7. No mandatory desktop application to install.

We believe that the perfect app shouldn't need documentation. Tilig doesn't have any documentation because we believe that you don't want to read documentation.

Based on our user research, the results are clear that technical people are the only users of the current password managers. Furthermore, those users find the process annoying and overly complex. They wish their friends and family would use a password manager, but they can't convince them.


Current password managers:

  1. Are overly complex
  2. Use a master password that you have to remember and must be secure.
  3. If you forget your master password, you need a piece of paper you were supposed to print.
  4. Have a lengthy setup process, including learning via YouTube channels with tons of video tutorials
  5. Have a complex transfer process
  6. Have a lengthy recovery
  7. As a result: lack true portability
  8. Force you to do the hard work
  9. Cost money

If this sounds great please Try Tilig!

If you wonder how we can sustainably offer Tilig for free, these are the business models we're considering:

  1. Charging for team management where an organization controls the account of their employees, we would charge per user per month.
  2. Offering a virtual credit card with a unique number per site, we would get a small percentage of the payments.
  3. Offering a phone number that is resistant to sim swap fraud, we would charge per number per month.
  4. Offering a unique email address for each site you register for so you stay anonymous and can stop spam, we would charge per user month.

In other words: we intend to keep the current functionality of Tilig free and will charge for new features.

We want your feedback, send us an email with any and all feedback!