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Sign in with your Google or Apple account


Import your passwords and install the browser extension


Add all your accounts, and voila, that's it!

Try Tilig today and stop worrying about your passwords for good!

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The Simplest Tool You Can Find

Tilig's philosophy is simplicity. We're confident in our encryption software, so there's no need for a master password, and we've tailored our app for the user experience. There's no app download required for desktop. Sign in with your existing Google or Apple account to get started. It only takes a few seconds to setup Tilig, and you can utilize it on your desktop, mobile, and various web browsers.

Tilig is


No technical expertise or degree required to navigate Tilig. Tilig does the work for you and stores log-in information using an easy-to-install browser extension. Unlike other password management companies, we don't burden you to remember a master password or store account recovery documents.


Exhausted by the thought of creating new passwords? Tilig suggests unique passwords to reduce the risk of data leaks. Each time you re-visit a favorite site, Tilig will pre-fill your username and password, so you never have to remember or open an app.


Whether you're an individual trying to keep your passwords straight or managing company-wide credentials, Tilig works for you.

Who is Tilig For?

Tilig is for everyone! If you're an individual or managing passwords for your family, you're in luck. You'll have unlimited passwords, devices, and sharing, all for free! Simply sign in with your Gmail or Apple account. If you're working in e-commerce, you'll have all these same benefits and fine-grained control over your organization.

Try Tilig today and stop worrying about your passwords for good!

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